Singapore Public Sector Agency

Key Capabilities

Unlocking Potential in a Singapore Public Sector Agency

How IECL partnered with a Singapore public sector agency to build a coaching culture to unlock the best work from their leaders and people.


Singapore Public Sector Agency – a major statutory board in Singapore Government

Key Stats

  • 100% of participants reported they are very satisfied or satisfied with the content of the program
  • 100% of participants reported they are very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience of the program
  • 98.4% reported they are very satisfied or satisfied with the relevance of content to their work
  • NPS Score: 80


The client needed to embed a new approach to leadership through all levels, in a way that reinforced positive behaviour and promoted a proud, productive and cohesive workforce.

The influence of change

  • Recognition and appreciation in value of a coaching approach in the Singapore Government
  • Necessity to increase pool of internal coaches and elevate coaching capability of leaders

The expectation of change

  • A desire for improved leadership and management, increase in wellbeing and performance, communication, training and skills in senior executive leaders
  • A desire for improved quality of conversations in mid-level leadership supervisors with their direct reports and stakeholders

The response of change

  • Agency’s desire to reinforce their strong coaching culture
  • Focus on people, rather than systems and processes, for the key objective to enhance coaching capability of leaders to deliver the Agency’s vision of inclusive, conscious leadership
  • Acknowledges quality of work relies on quality of relationship between leaders and their staff


The Partnership

IECL helped the Agency to build a coaching culture and approach

Through a rigorous tender process and our consultancy, IECL has designed and delivered a range of leadership and coaching related activities since 2018 to date.  We aimed to:

  • create a consistent learning environment
  • maximised and empower workplace application
  • include peer learning opportunities that embedded Agency’s values and behaviours
  • Introduced a new approach to leadership

The Approach

As part of the iterative design process, IECL and the Agency introduced initiatives in succession, allowing themes and participant engagement to inform the structure and agenda of our programs.

Experiential Learning

IECL coaching skills program incorporate structed adult learning conversations with a strength-building/solution orientation rather than a problem orientation. In applying a strength-based approach, leaders are effectively modelling this to engage others and trigger interest, self-worth, energy, motivation and action.

Through developing coaching skills, the aim was to help Supervisors improve their quality of self-awareness and enable greater empowerment in the people they lead, in the professional and personal life and hence their performance and organisational effectiveness.

Role of Lead Facilitators and Consultants

John Raymond and Toni Butler were instrumental in overseeing the design and delivery components across the initiatives and ongoing programs. John and Toni were actively involved in ensuring every stage of the implemented programs were set up for success and undertook feedback and comments from participants and stakeholders in the Agency.


4.0 / 5

Coach is good at uncovering the difficult issues and helps me see new perspectives

4.0 / 5

We developed a strong working relationship to achieve my identified goals

3.8 / 5

My coach asked questions that challenged me to think differently

3.4 / 5

My coach held me accountable to achieve my identified goals

The impact leaders have seen in their self is a greater confidence in coaching. This was supported by increased engagement in coaching skills such as active listening and questioning. It has resulted in greater awareness of self and others in the way they employ coaching skills.

“This programme has caused me to take time out to reflect and think about my development, and to hear from my boss personally about areas I can grow stronger to create a visible and favourable impact in my role”


“Two success factors that made these sessions valuable to me and helped me decide to continue with additional sessions; a good coach and the space, the challenge and the support the coach provided for me to go deeper into the challenges I am facing and own my leadership journey”